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Vientiane Capital
Sep 26, 2021 - Sun
Vientiane, LA
broken clouds
broken clouds
3 m/s, ESE
758.31 mmHg
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moderate rain
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light rain
light rain
Luang Prabang
Sep 26 - Sun
Luang Prabang, LA
28°C overcast clouds
Sep 26 - Sun
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Training using the basic web Department of Forestry

training_sesiongroup_photo  During 11-15 January 2016 Team Trainer Institute research farm and forestry training, management and use of the website to include a Department of Forestry Department investigation – investigation, responsible for the management and administration site which participants train 6 in training, management and use of the website was aimed at the Department of Forestry systems management, administration web standards and employ technicians responsible task to manage, develop content information of the Ministry to lead the site to disseminate information to facilitate quick and make the site of the exchange of information both inside and outside and updates a steady, well this is the strengthening of the Department on the development of information to many forms of publishing advertisements in the content site basically.

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