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About DOFI


DOFI Office

I. Background on the Department of Forestry Inspection

Department of Forestry Inspection created on 5 March 2008 according to the agreement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry No. 0340 / MAF. Department of Forestry Inspection wrote a statement that “DOFI” as the organization belongs to the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, location and role of the Department of Forestry Inspection aide directly to the Minister to report resources, forest investigation – investigation and prosecution against assessment Law Forestry Law aquatic and wildlife, criminal law and regulations on resource forest to ensure implementation of the law is sacred.

I. Overview:

Department of Forestry Inspection are organizations that focus on the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, role as aide directly to the minister about the inspection, investigation – investigation, prosecution and practice Law and the Forestry Law and the aquatic and wildlife and legislative focus on resource forest effect across the country, in order to protect resources, forest land, forest, water and wildlife are sustainable stability and rich forever, to implement the actual work of a forest in 1 year to make the illegal disposal resources of forests in many localities has decreased steadily and calm, with a neat improving gradually, the law is enforced strictly and effect across the country, people, traders, businessmen, workers, soldiers and officers the parties to sink the laws and regulations on the protection resource forest.

II. Organization:

1. This organization: Department of Forestry Inspection includes the divisions:
1). Administration Division;
2). Planning and Cooperation Division;
3). Forestry Inspection Division;
4). Aquatic and Wildlife Inspection Division ;
5). Interrogation and Investigation Division.
Also among the forest inspector of the provincial capitals across the country 17 provinces and vientiane Capital.

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