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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Workshop Training Google Drive data management and reporting data through Smart Phone


In the past 08 November to 15 December 2016 Dpartment of Forestry to hold a decent meeting training management information Google Drive and reporting data through Smart Phone to officials forestry provinces, 18 provinces nationwide, the president confer your degree gold Wongprachan Deputy Forest Inspection. The training session was a team from the Department of Investigation – Investigation Department of Forestry and expert consultants Enforcement Law Department 1 assistant is Mr Aidan was drawn to the officer checked forestry province, with expert IT project (SUFORD-SU) 02 came a bit like: Mr Lauri and Mr Jussi. This is to strengthen the forestry authorities in each province to keep up with the situation, yet modern, fast and save time.

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The Department of Forestry hand IT equipment among the inspection forestry province

      Department of Forestry and coordinator of forest management sustainable (SUFORD-SU, STEPP DOFI) has donated IT equipment among the forest inventory of each province in the 9-16 / 01/2017 by grants from the Wednesday Club’s royal head Department of Forestry, which is the device that are assigned to serve in the forest inventory especially work on reporting and monitoring patrols, the report and conclusions of the examination forestry province.

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Training using the basic web Department of Forestry

training_sesiongroup_photo  During 11-15 January 2016 Team Trainer Institute research farm and forestry training, management and use of the website to include a Department of Forestry Department investigation – investigation, responsible for the management and administration site which participants train 6 in training, management and use of the website was aimed at the Department of Forestry systems management, administration web standards and employ technicians responsible task to manage, develop content information of the Ministry to lead the site to disseminate information to facilitate quick and make the site of the exchange of information both inside and outside and updates a steady, well this is the strengthening of the Department on the development of information to many forms of publishing advertisements in the content site basically.

Opening website Forestry Department Official


upload_to_web2At 15 January 2016 at 09:00 hours, the conference opening website of the Department of Forestry has begun officially by the president of Golden State While radiation Deputy Forest Inspection and department head, the department and forestry all participants, also Head of ICT in institutional research Agriculture and Forestry of the 2 chief secretary the ICT Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1 and forestry 12. The ceremony was conducted in the midst atmosphere warm and the exchange of comment from the Steering Committee, the Department and the Forest and the chief secretary of ICT of the Ministry also advised to run tasks ICT in the division of responsibilities, regulate the management and use  of the Web site and Internet strictly. Then at 11:00 AM you Thongphan state of radiation Deputy forest advised to run tasks ICT in the division of responsibilities, regulate the management and use of the Web site and Internet strictly. Then at 11:00 AM you Thongphan state of radiation Deputy forest inspector has provided guidance and leadership in the implementation of the ICT to be effective and was effective with the active website official and the meeting closed at 11:30 onwards.


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